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How to Join Twickenham Yacht Club

There is no secret, you just need to visit us at the clubhouse and meet some of the other members.

After a few visits, if you like what you see and experience, there are a few formalities such as completing an application form on which you will need to have gathered some committee or member's signatures.

Once complete your application will be put forward for membership at the next committee meeting where one of your signatories will say a few words about you or/and your family. It is not necessary to attend.

Your interest in sailing and cruising activities will be the main criteria for approving membership; owning a boat is not essential. Training is available to non-members, however members will have a preferential rate. Most of your questions should be answered at FAQ or 'Benefits of Membership', but please make contact if you have a different query.

Over to you!


Views around the Clubhouse

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