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ICC Assessment

Boaters who need an ICC, but do not wish to attend an RYA training course, can take the ICC assessment to prove their competence.

In order to comply with the requirements of UNECE ITC Resolution 40 under which the ICC is issued, the RYA must ensure that anyone who is issued with an ICC is competent in accordance with the resolution.

An applicant who has passed an RYA training course which proves their ability to skipper a vessel, such as Day Skipper Practical Course or Power Boat Level 2 Course, has proved their competence and therefore on presentation of their certificate the ICC can be issued.

For boaters who have not successfully completed an acceptable RYA practical course, but already have the required level of competence, the alternative is to take the ICC assessment.

The syllabus for the assessment is published in the ICC Application form or candidates can purchase the RYA ICC Handbook to guide them through the requirements.

Arranging to take the Assessment

The ICC Assessment can be taken through Twickenham Yacht Club, please contact the club by either the e.mail address below or by telephone.

If you require an ICC which is valid for both sail and power 10m and over you will need to be assessed for each type of boat as the skills required can be very different.

The club will, confirm your successful completion of the test by signing the relevant section of the ICC application form - there is no separete certificate.

Send your signed application form together with the other items required for your application or renewal to the RYA Certification Department.

For ICC Application Form and syllabus click here.

For further information please ask at the club e-mail us at

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