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Anyone requiring an ICC valid for inland waters must pass the CEVNI Test. The test can be arranged through Twickenham Yacht Club as a RYA recognised training centre.

A valid ICC is often required for cruising Europe's inland waterways. To validate your ICC (International Certificate of Competence) for inland waters you must take the CEVNI test, which checks knowledge of the rules and signs that skippers of pleasure craft are expected to know and follow.

The RYA ICC CEVNI test is a multiple choice paper. Costs for the CEVNI test will vary between training centres dependant on numbers.

The 'RYA European Waterways Regulations (the CEVNI rules explained)' provides the information you need to learn the code in a clear and concise way - a sample paper can be found at the back of the book.

You can practise the test before taking it for real by going to the RYA interactive site and clicking 'Try the Test'. You can try the practise test as many times as you like and your score won't be recorded.

Arranging to take the Paper based Test

The test can be taken through Twickenham Yacht Club, please contact the club by either the e.mail address below or by telephone.

Once you have taken the test, Twickenham Yacht Club will confirm your successful completion of the test by signing the relevant section of the ICC application form - there is no separete certificate.

Send your signed application form together with the other items required for your application or renewal to the RYA Certification Department.

In addition to passing the CEVNI test, for the ICC to be issued you must present a qualifying RYA practical course completion certicate or pass an ICC assessment at an RYA recognised training centre and be eligible to be issued with an ICC.

For further information please ask at the club e-mail us at

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