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Twickenham Handicap System

To calculate handicap for sailing all dinghies are given a PY (Portmouth Yardstick) number, this is allocated by the RYA based on returns by many sailing clubs, we send returns around September each year.

See RYA Portsmouth Yardstick scheme.

We differ from the RYA in a few ways.

1. We have increased the N12 handicap as they perform better on our river conditions.

2. We have increased the penalty for single handed racing to encourage people to take crew.

3. We do not fully implement the differences in the N12 class as not really needed at TYC.

4. We sometimes have personal handicaps but only by agreement with the individual.

When handicaps are modified it is usually by taking another 20 from the official number so entrnats with crew are 1116 and without are 1096, roughly 1 minute per hour.

So for a solo racing for one hour their adjusted time for the hour is 51.57 mins

01:00:00 x 1000 / 1155 = 00:51:57

For an Enterprise it would be 53.46 mins

01:00:00 x 1000 / 1116 = 00:53:46

An Enterprise without crew

01:00:00 x 1000 / 1096 = 00:54:45

A N12

01:00:00 x 1000 / 1057 = 00:56:46

A N12 without crew

01:00:00 x 1000 / 1007 = 00:58:24

RYA Official Portmouth Yardstick numbers

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